I'm a Registered Nurse with a specialty in head lice.

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Are you struggling with lice?  Learn about my services and pick the right plan for you.

step-by-step video system
Step-by-Step Video System

This is my TOP RECOMMENDATION for parents struggling with lice.

You can get rid of lice at home the same way lice professionals do by following along with my step-by-step video system. You'll get rid of lice in one treatment the same way I've done in my lice treatment center for years. 

Just follow along with the videos and you'll be done with lice by the end of the day! 

Price: $49

Travel to You

I travel to your home, check everyone in the house for lice, and do a professional lice treatment on everyone that needs it.

When I leave your entire family and home are lice free.

I travel anywhere in the surrounding Salem areas.

I charge $100/hour, including travel time.

Price: $500 minimum per appt.

free resources
My Lice Advice

I am the creator of one of the top lice-information websites in the world, MyLiceAdvice.com. On My Lice Advice you'll find all the best and most up-to-date information and tutorials about lice and how to get rid of it quickly.

There is also a step-by-step video system that walks you through exactly how to do a professional lice treatment on your child at home.

There are loads of educational articles and videos on this site and a lice cleaning checklist.


"You'll save loads of money"

"I finally got rid of a particularly nasty cycle of lice in my house. My kids head are licefree and nitfree. If you follow each step of the system you'll be rid of nits and lice in a couple of hours. The videos are very well explained, and allow you to do it at the same time as Theresa models on the videos.


I am really really happy with the money I have invested in these videos and, compared to the price I used to pay for the lice insectides, I saved loads. The things Theresa is using in the videos is not expensive at all, so the price for the video tutoring is nothing compared to what I would have paid for all the products, again and again. I only have excellent things to say about MyLiceAdvice. You'll save loads of money."


-Adrianna, mother of 2

"Worth every penny to have this knowledge and follow along."


"We have had lice before (3 times in our raising kids) and every treatment talks about what to do, but none show you how... we have people with sensitive skin and allergies so this technique was appreciated and gives me confidence that it is gone vs having to re-treat as with other products that caused us skin issues in the past. Worth every penny to have this knowledge and follow along. We would have spent far more money on OTC products that give us rashes. Also appreciate the learning and explanations that I have learned vs trying to figure out this all on my own... wish I had this 10 years ago when we got it the first time!"


-Terry, father of 4

"I honestly don't know what I would have done if it weren't for your videos!!"


"My family experienced lice for the first time yesterday - I have never had it and my girls are 10 and 13 never had it. I of course was in a full blown panic and went directly to Pinterest - too embarrassed to and overwhelmed to ask any of my family or friends for help.


You have NO idea how your plan put my mind at ease and gave me confidence I could handle this and it’s not the end of the world. Bugs terrify me - I act in a very irrational way when it comes to them - I honestly don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for your system and videos. Seriously what you have provided is so very valuable!! Thank you thank you thank you!"


-Karan, mother of 2

"It was nice to finally hear things from an expert"

"We have struggled with lice off and on for years. One year we got it 6 different times. Lice is like a 4 letter word in our house. Its been nothing but nightmares. We have always done the treatments you buy from stores. We have also gotten stuff from the pediatrician. We would treat and comb daily. We even tried the comb with the electric current that is suppose to kill eggs and bugs. This time we struggled with lice for 2 months before finding MyLiceAdvice.


I was looking online trying to figure out what I was doing wrong or what I may have forgotten to do. When I stumbled upon it, it seemed promising and we were at the end of our ropes. Nothing was working. We decided to give it a try.


We liked that everything needed was pretty cheap and easy to find. There were 6 heads that needed to be done so we had to do it in 2 days instead of one. Overall its not hard to do and we are free from lice so it was worth it. I like that I have access to it for life and for all the things I learned. There is such conflicting information out there I never knew who to believe. So it was nice to finally hear things from an expert. It gave me more confidence."


-Summer, mother of 4

"It's like having your best friend, who you trust, right with you the whole way"


"I tried Nix - didn't work at all. And is toxic. This tutorial was excellent and thorough. All natural. Easy to follow. It's like having your best friend, who you trust, right with you the whole way and she's an expert! HIGHLY recommend it."


-Rachel, mother of 1

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